Change your feet and change your state of mind

ROSY LILY is a premium shoe shampoo designed for ladies- clean your shoes just by wiping, no rinsing with water. It makes shoe-washing amazingly easy! Are there any shoes you want to take out from your shoe box to wash? Try out our premium shoe shampoo, make “washing” a wonderful experience and make your footing glamourous.

Keep your shoes clean always. Change the feeling of your feet, then your state of mind.


When was the last time you washed your shoes?

We all have our shoes washed when we were small. But shoe-washing is, in fact, time and energy consuming. Splashes are annoying as well. It always turns out that we skip washing our shoes, leave them dirty, and finally they appear in our trash box, aren’t they?

But wait, that’s so wrong.

Don’t you want to keep your favourite shoes clean and put them on from time to time? What a waste it is to throw them away! That’s not environmental-friendly, neither. We all know that’s not something evil, but that’s not something great.

So, right.

We all want to wash our shoes indeed.

ROSY LILY is a shoe shampoo you don’t need to rinse with water but just wipe with a dry towel. It’s easy breezy, and your shoes are dry and ready right after washing.


Hello, everyone.
This is Kashima, the representative producer of ROSY LILY.

“Shoes” are very mysterious. They are just small but still, essential items that can change the overall impression of someone. Even with the same outfit, just a tiny change in the footing can change the entire impression.

We feel like over the moon when we buy ourselves a pair of new shoes. Yet, we cannot deny that a pair of cheap but clean shoes looks much better than a pair of dirty but expensive brand shoes.

However, washing shoes in the traditional way is so time and energy consuming that we all try to get rid of that without thinking ‏‏‎ Rather, we prefer buying new shoes. ‏‏‎

But I don't like it.

"New shoes feel excellent, undoubtedly.
But I want to keep my favorite shoes for a longer time. I want to keep them in a good condition."

ROSY LILY helps to make the shoe washing routine much simpler so you’ll be hooked. We develop our products with an aim to make “shoe care” a part of everyday life.

To make our shoes more durable, it’s vitally important to simplify shoe washing- i.e. how easy it is to wash our shoes? For that reason, I have been conducting a number of research.

ROSY LILY is way more than just a detergent brand.
Based on the concept “change your feet and change your state of mind”, we see our mission as to motivate our users to care about their shoes.

Instead of providing new shoes,
we would love to suggest new values born from the original value of the existing items.

ROSY LILY, the etymology of our brand name, is “Otomeyuri” in Japanese, which has the floriography “plain beauty”. It is a very valuable and near-threatened lily flower species.

It was really by chance that we adopted the splendid name as our brand, but I am convinced that I’m not the only one who believe that “washing shoes” is exactly the same as the flower language. For various reasons, we are not able to generate the fragrance of Otomeyuri, but we would like to keep developing products in line with the same concept while embracing new encounters and opportunities in our journey.

A new fragrance is now available!

On top of our popular fragrance, we have added a new one as a new standard in October 2021.

Actually, there are two names for OTOMEYURI; “HIMESAYURI” is another name. Both are referring to the same flower.

Then, in order to distinguish the two refreshing fragrance, we found it crucial to name the fragrance themselves. Hence, we have OTOMEYURI and HIMESAYURI as our new classics.

* "OTOMEYURI", the sweet and subtle fragrance,
* "HIME SAYURI", the gorgeous and elegant fragrance,

We wish you would fall in love with both of them.


Please have a good time surrounded by the graceful fragrance of lilies!


Since its launch in 2020, ROSY LILY has sold a total of 160,000 bottles and has already received 2,377 reviews (counted on March 8, 2023).

There are so many reviews that it would be difficult to check them one by one, so I categorized them by topic. Please check the topics you are interested in and use them to solve your concerns and questions.

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