How to wash well

ROSY LILY is an easy shoe washing solution while its expected effect might be halved depending on how we use it.

With the exact same product, we can only fully demonstrate its effect through “the correct washing way that matches with the shoes”.

Thus, ROSY LILY provides user-friendly videos and photos showing how to wash well for different types of shoes.


Try washing easier materials, such as synthetic leather, before proceeding to clean delicate materials. For highly water-absorbing materials, use a larger amount of shampoo or spray your shoes with water so as to make the washing process easier.

Be mindful that out product might not be applicable to all kinds of materials in world. We are not obliged for any compensation of expensive shoes made from materials that our shampoo does not cover. That is not our intention, neither. To prevent unfortunate accidents, be sure to test in an unimportant part and make sure that the material is safe to wash in advance. We would love to be your partner and make shoe washing enjoyable as your daily life habit. Last but not least, wash your brush after washing your shoes!

The difference between detergent and bleach

ROSY LILY's shoe shampoo is a “detergent” without optical brightener. It’s not a bleach.

Bleach changes the pigment of stains to white through chemical reactions, and the function of detergent is to remove stains from fibers by the power of surfactants. Thus, our detergent is not able to restore the original colors of your shoes if the fibers are already discolored, and it’s not able to turn yellowish shoes white. (It can remove stains on the discolored surface instead.)

Different detergents have different usages and effects. Kindly understand that there are no magical and all-purpose detergents. It would be very much appreciated if you could choose the optimal one from our products according to your purpose.



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Non persistent stains and persistent stains

There are various types of stains, broadly divided into oil stains (acidic), sebum stains, mud, and dust. Besides, stains may appear on different types of materials. The material type refers to the shoe materials such as synthetic leather, genuine leather, cotton, rubber, etc.

In addition to the type of stain and the material, changes also depend on the time and the degree of deposition on the material. Whether removing the stain could be easy is determined by the combination of these factors- stain type/ material type/ adhesion strength / elapsed time.

Oil stains rubbed with a strong force and longtime stains are very much difficult to remove indeed.

Originally, the amount of surfactant is very small so that it can be cleaned by a dry towel, and the detergency is not high at all.
Our products are specialized to remove non-persistent stains in an easy, breezy way though it might not be applicable to remove persistent stains,

What are optical brighteners?

Fluorescent whitening agents absorb invisible ultraviolet rays and turn them into visible bluish-white light (fluorescence), thus increasing the whiteness of the appearance.

Very fine particles of stains are deposited deep within the fibers and cannot be removed. Therefore, by using optical brighteners to emit white light, it is possible to make them look whiter even if they are still deposited.

However, it is basically only suitable for use on white cotton materials, and is not suitable for use on other materials as it may cause discoloration. Therefore, ROSYLILY's shoe shampoo does not contain optical brighteners.


Please have a good time surrounded by the graceful fragrance of lilies!!